The Organization

The Atelierhof Werenzhain, with its extensive grounds and buildings, stands as a visionary space for contemporary art, culture, and cultural education in Southern Brandenburg. It provides people of all age groups with a space for meeting, self-expression, growth, experience, and skill development. The focus is on strengthening creativity as a key competence in all aspects of life and as a foundation for communal social and responsible thinking and action.

Furthermore, the Atelierhof Werenzhain sees itself as a place for encounters and networking, actively engaging with similar cultural projects within the country, across Europe, and even in distant countries.

About Us

The “Kunstverein Atelierhof Werenzhain e.V.” was founded in 1996 by artists from both East and West Germany. The acquisition of the former feudal tavern estate in Werenzhain created a place for the support of female artists.

The association’s work aims for national attention and enrichment of local art and cultural life.

Purpose & Goals

The purpose of the organization is the promotion of art and culture, including all branches of visual arts, performing arts (especially performance art and dance), design, arts-related crafts, arts and cultural sciences, and history. The main focus is on promoting women in the mentioned fields.

Additionally, the association’s responsibilities include cultural education for children and young people, the inclusion of societal minorities and disadvantaged groups, and the preservation of the historical property “Former Feudal Tavern Estate Werenzhain” owned by the association.

Ursula Bierther served as the artistic director since the association’s founding until 2010. In 2011, Iris Stöber assumed this role.

The Atelierhof Werenzhain e.V. is an art association and is open to interested individuals. We are non-profit; our activities are not profit-oriented. We exclusively and directly pursue charitable purposes as defined in the section “Tax-Exempt Purposes” of the Tax Code. Therefore, we rely on financial support and assistance.

Association's Charter